About Flappy Bird Cheats:

Are you tired of playing Flappy Bird in standard mode? Are you angry as hell when you dies for about million times in a row in this annoying game? Of course you are, we were too, but there's something addictive in this game, that you must come back and play again :) There is no longer need to get annoyed playing this game, because we have invented cheats for Flappy Bird. Now you can add some lives and score and relax(!) while playing it. 

Flappy Bird cheats are combined in hack tool. It means, that we created a tool to easily implement cheats to Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird Cheats



  • No jailbreak/root
  • Using via your PC or MAC
  • Undetectable
  • Safe to your device
  • Without any viruses/trojans/exploits
  • Updater included - no worries about compatibility
  • Unlimited amount of Lives
  • Unlimited amount of Scores

How to use:

  1. Plug in your device to PC or MAC.
  2. Extract and open hack tool.
  3. Click on UPDATE button to check for available updates.
  4. After updating, run Flappy Bird cheats hack tool again.
  5. Select your device and click CONNECT button.
  6. After successfully connected device, choose any feature and its amount, then click HACK button.
  7. Wait until progressbar goes to 100%.
  8. Unplug your device, run your Flappy Bird game and enjoy having cheats. :)


Flappy Bird Cheats
Flappy Bird Cheats

Flappy Bird Cheats

Who we are?


We are a team of modificators from Denmark. We modify any software that we can. ;). This is our hobby to modificate files, games or programs and make them more enjoyable to society. We are trying to be legal, we hate any scam and will never do any shitty stuff like others.

We are building up our official site. Now it's under counstruction, so it will be up soon.

 For any problems or questions write to our e-mail: info@r4ptorteam.com